Hi, welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Jill Yacobucci aka Paid Storyteller! Why Paid Storyteller? Because no matter what business you are in and no matter what product or service you are promoting remember “Stories Sell – Facts Tell”.

I learned years ago to lead with the benefits (a story) and back it up with facts. Think about it, wouldn’t you much rather hear a story of how a product or service delivered results than a bunch of facts and statistics?? I know I would!

So, when you are promoting your network marketing products or business you should be telling stories. . .and when you tell stories you get paid! Hence “Paid Storyteller” – my husband tells me “You finally found a way to get paid to talk”!

And, that is what I’d like to help you with – getting paid to talk! Whether it be on line like this or in person or on the phone! There isn’t a right or wrong way to do network marketing.

You need to find the right way for YOU and what you are comfortable with.

My passion is helping others in this amazing profession to succeed & build a residual income giving you choices in life. That is what it has done for me and it can for you too!

That is the purpose of my blog. To give back to this profession what I have learned over the years and pay it forward.

Are you already in network marketing and don’t know what to do first?

Maybe you need more leads and prospects?

Wanting to do some online network marketing with your off line techniques?

Whatever reason you ended up here I’m glad you did! Take some time, look around and please feel free to contact me! Really! I would love to hear from you!

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