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On Line Marketing Tip that won’t cost you a dime! Zip. . .Nada!

If you know how to market, you will do a lot less selling!

This tip will make it look like you are all over the web . . . and bring traffic to your blog, website, capture page – where ever you want to send them. All for free using google alerts.

Check out  the video!  You will be blown away how simple this is!

This one technique shows you how to target your specific market for zip, nada!

Facebook Ads – Do They work? Should I try them. . .You be the judge!

I don’t know if you have given Facebook Ads a try yet or not but, you really should!

I’m having great success in building my list and my business with these ads. Yes, they do cost some money but, the great thing is you get to set your budget and what you can afford.

You will be laser targeting the audience you want to go after AND it is very affordable!

Check out my video!

Don’t try and master all the marketing techniques there are out there at once. Master one, like Facebook, then move onto maybe Twitter, article marketing. . .you get the picture. . .you just don’t want to be a “Jack of all trades and master of none” because marketing is too important.

It is the heartbeat of your business! Would love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment!

Do you have a Fan Page on Facebook? You Should!

If you don’t have a facebook fan page you are really missing the boat!

They are all the rage right now and a critical key to an online presence!

Watch this video on the basics of how to create your own fan page and why they are so important.

Fan Pages give you an edge over your competition, they are free, and show you are serious about building an on line business.

Please feel free to post a comment on what you think and how fanpages have increased your business!

Does on line marketing through the internet build relationships?

I know some people think the Internet doesn’t build relationships – Nothing could be further from the truth!

I have made incredible friends and relationships on line! [Read more…]

Having faith can be hard but is a MUST!

Having faith can be hard at times because faith means having a belief in that which is not yet seen or hasn’t happened. .  .yet. [Read more…]

How is your belief level?

The definition of Belief means to have trust and confidence in.

How can you possibly expect to succeed if you are lacking
faith and belief in this industry, your company, or your products
and/or services?  [Read more…]

Do you have a BIG ego? I hope so!

Having a good, strong and healthy ego is GOOD!

Am I saying you must have a BIG ego?  Yes and no.

Maybe you’ve heard that having a big ego is bad.

I guess it all depends on your definitions. [Read more…]

Are you ready to quit your network marketing or direct sales business?

Has that ever crossed your mind? Quitting on your business?

Trust me it has mine many times. So, if you have had those thoughts you are not alone.

This is a simple business. Not an easy business. [Read more…]

How is your vision?

I’m not talking about your eye vision! lol

The vision you have for your network marketing or direct sales business!

The one thing people don’t really focus on (get it? focus? vision?) is what they see as their end result for their actions in their business. Defining your “why”. [Read more…]

You need to pick up the phone and connect with your leads you generate for your direct sales and network marketing business.

Do you have any idea how many network marketers or direct sales people don’t pick up the phone and call their leads they get from the internet or social media? Lots of them!

Yes, you may have an online system in place. . .or generated interest on a social media site . . yes, it is a LEAD generator. . . but, you still have to pick up the phone and make those calls and develop a relationship. [Read more…]