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Do you set yourself up for disappointment?

A lot of times in business we set

ourselves up to be disappointed.

We need to learn not to do that!

Here is something you need to understand:

You cannot change people. . .

But, they can change themselves. [Read more…]

You Quit?

Did my subject line hit a nerve? Maybe guilt you aren’t doing everything you could in your business? You get distracted? Make excuses? [Read more…]

Logic vs emotion – Guess which one wins 90% of the time?

Did you know that 90% of decisions are based on emotion not logic?

Emotion pulled from either pleasure or pain. . . .

You will find a lot of people get into our business based on “pain” – meaning they can’t pay their bills, pay for college for their kids, facing losing their home . . .

These are all emotional “pains”. [Read more…]

Sometimes you need to just walk away!

Now let me clarify that. . .I don’t mean YOU need to walk away from your business. You may need to walk away from some of your prospects….. [Read more…]

Great Resource for free ads for your home based business!

I’ve discovered a great place to post ads for free for your home based business! Free is good!

Most people know about Craigs List and that is good too . . .they just seem to have too many restrictions on placing ads in multiple cities etc. . . .

I’ve found that is much more user friendly AND will let you place multiple ads whether it be for your product or service or your primary business.

Watch this video to find out more. It will give you some great tips when placing ads.

I’m always looking for affordable ways to expose my products and my business. This is one I do on a weekly basis. Key is consistency.

Do you know what people love to talk about?

Do you know the #1 subject people love to talk about?


So, knowing that when you are talking to prospects get them to talk about their favorite subject. . .them! [Read more…]