Do you set yourself up for disappointment?

A lot of times in business we set

ourselves up to be disappointed.

We need to learn not to do that!

Here is something you need to understand:

You cannot change people. . .

But, they can change themselves. [Read more…]

Logic vs emotion – Guess which one wins 90% of the time?

Did you know that 90% of decisions are based on emotion not logic?

Emotion pulled from either pleasure or pain. . . .

You will find a lot of people get into our business based on “pain” – meaning they can’t pay their bills, pay for college for their kids, facing losing their home . . .

These are all emotional “pains”. [Read more…]

Having faith can be hard but is a MUST!

Having faith can be hard at times because faith means having a belief in that which is not yet seen or hasn’t happened. .  .yet. [Read more…]

Are you ready to quit your network marketing or direct sales business?

Has that ever crossed your mind? Quitting on your business?

Trust me it has mine many times. So, if you have had those thoughts you are not alone.

This is a simple business. Not an easy business. [Read more…]

How is your vision?

I’m not talking about your eye vision! lol

The vision you have for your network marketing or direct sales business!

The one thing people don’t really focus on (get it? focus? vision?) is what they see as their end result for their actions in their business. Defining your “why”. [Read more…]

Get Your WHY and your Goals defined for your Network Marketing or Direct Sales Business!

Two critical ingredients for a successful Network Marketing & Direct Sales business are:
Define your WHY!

Set your Goals!

You may be thinking – I know my why and have my goals in my head. Well, you HAVE to write them down!

Your “Why” is important because you need to be reminded WHY you are giving up your free time to build your business! It’s just like in sports when your coach always told you to keep your eye on the ball. Your WHY will keep you focused on your business. [Read more…]

Relate To Your Prospects In Your Network Marketing or Direct Sales Business.

Learn how to overcome objections – in a nice way! :) A way that will OPEN them
to what you have to say rather than push them away.

You HAVE to validate people’s feelings guys no matter what!! That
is a key ingredient in building any relationship. Whether it be
personal or business. [Read more…]