Sometimes you need to just walk away!

Now let me clarify that. . .I don’t mean YOU need to walk away from your business. You may need to walk away from some of your prospects….. [Read more…]

Great Resource for free ads for your home based business!

I’ve discovered a great place to post ads for free for your home based business! Free is good!

Most people know about Craigs List and that is good too . . .they just seem to have too many restrictions on placing ads in multiple cities etc. . . .

I’ve found that is much more user friendly AND will let you place multiple ads whether it be for your product or service or your primary business.

Watch this video to find out more. It will give you some great tips when placing ads.

I’m always looking for affordable ways to expose my products and my business. This is one I do on a weekly basis. Key is consistency.

Do you know what people love to talk about?

Do you know the #1 subject people love to talk about?


So, knowing that when you are talking to prospects get them to talk about their favorite subject. . .them! [Read more…]

How to get an endless list of referrals for your network marketing or direct sales business.

When you master getting referrals you will never have to worry about “filling your funnel” or running out of leads again!

Referrals are THE BEST form of advertising. MCI’s most successful advertising campaign ever was their “friends and family” promotion! WHY? Because people were getting referred by people they know, like and trusted. The same applies for your network marketing & direct sales business. [Read more…]

We aren’t in the selling business in network marketing or direct sales!

Let’s talk about contacting and inviting because that is what we
do! We aren’t in the selling business! We are in the inviting

So many people think they have to be a good sales person.

We invite people to look at our product or service…we invite people
to look at our business. [Read more…]

Prospecting for your Network Marketing Business Where Ever Your Day Takes You!

Most people start building their Network Marketing or Direct Sales business on a part time basis.

So you need to really maximize your time when you are out and about.

Here is a great tip to do your business where ever your day takes
you. Take advantage of the many people you come across during the
day. [Read more…]