Sometimes you need to just walk away!

Now let me clarify that. . .I don’t mean YOU need to walk away from your business. You may need to walk away from some of your prospects…..

If you have been a “Master Asker” and asking “discovery” questions to see if your business or products are a fit and keep getting put off. . .at some point you need to walk away.

Sometimes we want the business more for our prospects than they want it for themselves.

Stay in touch with them . . .  let them know how your company is doing. . new products etc. . .but, don’t focus on them. It is good to “drip” on people now and then. You never know when their circumstances will change. If you have kept in touch YOU will be the first one that comes to mind when they are ready.

The key is to keep filling your “funnel”. We are looking for people that are looking.

There are so many people out there looking and wanting what you have focus on them! It is so much fun to work with people that “see” what you have and get excited right? That is where your focus should be!

Another thing to remember is to work on yourself harder than your business! Make sure you are plugging into some kind of personal growth program. By simply doing this you won’t believe what you will attract in your life.

A lot of people have the “employee mindset” – and I’m not saying that is a bad thing. . .just not the people you are looking for.

Keep sorting and looking for “Aces” and you will find them!

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